Pets are wonderful companions to have around the house. They keep us and our kids company and can also protect and guard us. Some of the most popular pets are dogs. These are popularly known as man’s best friend. Some dogs have long hair and others have short hair. People who want dogs to live in the house with them generally prefer those with short hair. This is because dogs with short hair do not shed their fur all over the furniture. Thus, they are more popular as household pets. Read on to learn how to groom short haired dogs.

Brush the hair regularly

Dogs that have coats with short hair require to be groomed at least once per day. This is because the short hair is less likely to get tangled. If the hair on your dog is short but soft, then you do not need to brush the dog every day. You can do so twice a week. The soft, short hair does not get tangled easily. Brush the dog allows the oils secreted by its skin to spread evenly across its body. As a result, its fur looks shiny and clean. Remember to make its coat moist before you brush it. This can be done with a moist cloth. The cloth can help the coat to get nice and moist before you brush it. This makes the job easier for you. It is also important to note that there are a number of steps required so as to complete a session of brushing your dog.

Use a curry comb for the first step of brushing

There are many types of brushes for grooming dogs with different types of coats. Thus, for dogs with short hair coats, the right comb to begin with is the currycomb. This comb is made of rubber and is gentle on the skin of your dog. The currycomb will effectively remove any fur and dirt that is stuck in the dog’s coat. Moreover, using this comb will make your dog relax since it massages the dog’s skin. Currycombs are available in many sizes. It is important to get a size that is appropriate for your dog. If your dog is big, then a large currycomb is in order and vice versa.

Use a wired brush for the second step

A wired brush with soft bristles is required for this next step in the grooming process. Ensure the brush has short bristles and use it to brush the dog in a direction that is opposite to that which you used with the currycomb. This removes any loose hair, dead skin cells as well as dirt from the dog’s coat. While using the wired brush, you can inspect the dog to see if it has any inflammation, parasites or rashes on its skin. If you detect any, ensure that you seek help from a veterinary doctor.

Remember to brush the tail and paws too

The tail and the paws of the dog require as much attention as the rest of its body. Thus, as you groom your dog, remember to brush its tail and paws. For these body parts of your dog, make use of a gentle comb. If there are any overgrown hairs on your dog, a pair of scissors will be ideal to clip them away.