Looking for a new and edgy hairstyle for your pet? Take a look at the best hairdo’s around….

Dog grooming styles are the best way to give your pet an edgy look, and show off its unique personality. Whether you want an adorable cute hair cut or a stylish one for your little pet, you can choose from the following new hairstyles.

Puppy cut hair style-This simple and good looking hair style is easy to maintain. This short cut style leaves gentle layers of fur along the sides, paws and legs of your dog. It is mainly suitable for small dogs, such as the Yorkshire, Maltese and Shih Tzu. It keeps your puppy cool and comfy, and yet stylish during the summers.

The teddy bear cut hair style-Another adorable hair style for small dogs is the teddy bear cut. This hair style can be achieved best with medium and long hair. The cut involves leaving 1-2 inches of fur along the sides of the body and legs. The face is surrounded by a round cut, which gives a soft teddy bear look to your pet.

The braid style-Another trendy yet gorgeous hair style for your pup is the braid style. This is suitable only for pets with very long hair. It involves tying the long hair all across the body in to one big braid. The hair around the face are cut into small size to give a gorgeous look.
Taiwanese pet hair style-If you want your puppy to stand out in the crowd, try these geometric hair styles. This is the latest pet hair style that has become quite popular in Taiwan. Dog groomers in Taiwan are giving their pups a stylish geometric haircut where their heads look like perfect squares or circles. This particular hair style is suitable only for those dogs who have long hair around their face.
Panda style-Love the Kung Fu Panda… Give your pet this panda style look and enjoy seeing him do kung fu. The style involves coloring them in black and white, with eyes, ears and legs in black and rest of the body hair in white color.
The Poodle cut-If your pet has long, thick and curly hair, you can choose this cute poodle cut style. There are dozens of varieties of poodle cut, and the most common one is the top-knot style. It involves tying off the hair from face, nose and neck to give a poodle look on the top. It is simple and easy, and does not require any clipping, just bunching and tying so the hair that normally falls down the side of the face is tied in the form of knot. It is best suited for shih tzu or Yorksheir Terrier, but can be given to any dog with long hair.

Most of the dog owners choose these new hairstyles for participating their pets in to some sort of competition. Some try out different lengths and cuts to give their pets a new look. Whatever may be the reason you choose, these new hairstyles will transform your pet’s look.