Dogs are man’s best friend. They are loyal and they will play and protect their owners. There are many breeds of dogs. Some are large and others are quite small. What they all have in common is hair and locks of fur. If left unattended, this fur can become very quite long, which might require lot of work to keep the dog clean and healthy. Thus, your dog needs to get a hair cut every once in a while. Read on to learn about the top hair cuts for dogs.

The teddy bear cut

This is a type of dog hair cut that is suitable for those with medium to long hair. This type of cut allows one to two inches of fur to be left all around the body of your dog. Also, the fur around its face is cut such that it creates a rounded shape. This type of hair cut allows the soft undercoat of the dog’s hair to be left exposed. As a result, the dog’s fur resembles the soft coat of a teddy bear.

The puppy dog hair cuts

In this type of cut, smooth layers of fur are left along the dog’s legs, paws and sides. The fur on its face is cut such that it has fringed layers that are rounded. This type of cut is amazing for the small dog breeds. Examples of these are the Maltese, Yorkshire and Shih Tzu dog breeds. It is a superb cut for the dog in summer. The short fur allows the dogs to feel cool and comfortable during the summer heat.

The Schnauzer cut

Based upon the Schnauzer dog breed, this is a hair cut for dogs that is suitable for dog breeds that are approximately the same size as Schnauzers. In this cut, longer hair is left on the legs of the dog. The back and the sides are trimmed very short. On the underside of the dog, a fringe of hair is left while a moustache cut is implemented on the dog’s face. This results in an eccentric and classy cut on your dog.

The lamb cut

Famously sported by poodles, this is one of the most popular dog hair cuts in the world. A variety of variations have been created around the lamb cut. In this type of dog hair cut, the fur on the belly and face of the dog is cut very short. The tail, legs and ears of the dog are left to have the thick hair that is soft, which makes the dog to look great. If your dog is small or of medium size, then the lamb cut is suitable. However, ensure that you talk to the groomer to establish the proper variation for your dog.

The lion hair cuts for dogs

This is a type of hair cut for dogs that is suitable for small dogs and big dogs that have long hair. Examples of dogs that look superb with this type of cut are the Pomeranian and the chow chows. In this cut, the fur on the body, legs and tail of the dog is cut very short. However, the hair on its neck and jaws is left long to resemble the mane of a lion. At the tip of the tail, a tuft of hair is left. This makes it look like a lion’s tail.