How to Groom Dogs with Short hair

Pets are wonderful companions to have around the house. They keep us and our kids company and can also protect and guard us. Some of the most popular pets are dogs. These are popularly known as man's best friend. Some dogs have long hair and others have short hair. People who want dogs to live [...]

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What to Do with Shih Tzu Rescue

The Shih Tzu is one of the popular dog breeds that are loved by most of the pet owners due to their small size as well as fluffy and cute appearance. Though it is one of the most adorable dog breeds but before initiating for Shih Tzu rescue you should know certain interesting things about [...]

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Where to Adopt Puppies For Free

If you love to adopt a puppy at your home but do not want to buy it then instead of a pet shop there are various other sources which can provide you puppies for free. These options may include certain websites as well as certain animal shelters which are offering them free to end their [...]

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How To Take Good Care of A Poodle Puppy

Are you are considering adopting a poodle? If yes, do you have all that it takes to take good care of your poodle? Taking care of a poodle is not as easy as some people think. It is a task that requires full commitment on your part, and considering our tight schedules this can be [...]

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Petting Zoo

Petting zoo features a combination of animals that are domesticated and some other wild species which are docile enough to feed and touch. Independent petting zoos are also referred to as petting farms or children farms.Most of the zoos are designed to provide relatively herbivorous domesticated animals such as goats, rabbits, sheep or ponies to [...]

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4 Professional Grooming Tips for Your Pet

Like other family members, our pets are part of our family. They interact with us, our children as well as our guests. The same way we strive to keep our hair style neat, body clean, and also give our kids’ hygiene first priority, our pets should not be left behind. It will be difficult to [...]

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How to spot an efficient little pet shop?

You must be thinking to yourself that deciding which pet to choose is one the hardest decisions that you had to take. Sorry to burst your bubbles. But on reality, the biggest challenge is finding the right little pet shop. Do you know that there are many pet stores which sell pets that have diseases? [...]

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Proper Ways of Taking Care of Your Pet Bird

Parrots and other pet bird such as finches, canaries among others have very special needs. In order to properly take care of your birds, you will need to study those special needs. This will also ensure that you give these feathered creatures the best life . In this post, we look at a guide to [...]

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An Overview of Pet City As Your Home of Pets

Pet City is a company that offer a wide range of services for their customers to help them live with their pets comfortably in their homes. The company often deals with many animals ranging from cats, birds, dogs, aquarium, reptiles and small animals. This has made Pet City among those companies that you can choose [...]

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